SDU, 2019

SDU, 2019

November 12, 2018 – December 16, 2019


SDU is:
Special Duties Unit
Special Deployment Unit
Sons and Daughters United
Sons and Daughters Unlimited
Sons and Daughters Unstoppable
Sons and Daughters Unleashed
SDU is envisioned as:
• A powerful and skilled Action Team filled with the Spirit of God.
• A specialized Squad sent to reach out, to influence and engage the broader community / territory.
• A team ready and willing to serve in any conference or ministry opportunity that comes their way!

• PRACTICUM: Practice makes perfect - be sharpened and strengthened in spiritual gifts
• LOCAL OUTREACHES: City-wide conferences / The Healing Rooms / Local churches/ministries
• PRAYER WALK: Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses. (Jos1:3)
• GOD’S BIG PICTURE: The Bible: One Book, One divine author, One subject, One story
• GRAHAM COOKE: Letters from God – The Newness Advantage, The Nature of Freedom
• OVERSEAS OUTREACH: Footprints, Johannesburg, November 2019 

Topical studies – examples:
Further activation, mentorship, and teaching from apostles, prophets, leaders and teachers, including:
  • The Inerrancy of Scripture: Are there any errors in the Bible?
  • The Authority of Scripture: How do we know that the Bible is God’s Word?
  • “Deep calls unto deep”: Superficiality is the curse of our age - how do we become a deep people?
  • Why Confrontation shouldn’t be scary and nine principles to do it well. (K Vallotton)
  • The Fine Line between Loving Everyone and Surrounding Yourself with Idiots. (K Vallotton)
  • What is discernment, and how to grow in discernment?
  • What is meditation according to Scripture? 
    How did Jesus model this to us?
 School Calendar 
  1. In Text
  2. Consolidated
Tribe Meeting: Monday 7pm - 10pm / Saturday 2pm - 6pm
12 Mon,
24 Sat
15 Sat

7 Mon,
28 Mon
16 Sat

11 Mon,
23 Sat
29 Mon

*2, *3, *4, *5, *6, *7, *8, 18 Sat
22 Sat

*8 Mon,
29 Mon

Summer Break

7 Sat,
16 Mon

28 Mon

16 Sat, *26, *27, *28, *29, *30

SDU Calendar 2018-2019


          Mon nights (7pm - 10pm)

          Sat afternoons (2pm - 6pm) 

          Johannesburg Footprints Outreach (Nov 26 - Dec 4) 

          Leadership Forum (Jul 8) 

         John Thomas Special Courses (Streams Ministries, USA)

          SDU, 2019 - Discipling Leaders - How to Reproduce Yourself in Ministry
May 2 7:00pm - 10:00pm
May 3 7:00pm - 10:00pm
          Year 2, 2018 - Practical Prophetic Training Course
May 4 9:30am - 12:30pm / 1:30pm - 6:00pm
May 6 7:00pm - 10:00pm
May 7 7:00pm - 10:00pm
May 8 7:00pm - 10:00pm
May 9 7:00pm - 10:00pm
(Replaces Sun, May 5 5pm-9pm)
• Continue to grow and develop in the ministry of Jesus.
• Continue to sharpen and spur one another on in all of the Spirit’s fruit and supernatural gifts.
• Continue to steward, water, and prune the work that God has done in us through further activation.
Class Dynamics
• Will include mentoring and empowerment among fellow students.
• Everyone is a leader! Everyone is an active participant.
• Accountability teams will progress beyond simply affirming one another to more intentional relationships, with the freedom to speak into circumstances, to disagree, to provide input which is not simply from a good heart, but reflects the larger purposes of what God’s doing in the individual.
• The posture of SDU members is not passive or of a spectator, but is dynamic and engaging, sharing and receiving in both horizontal (mentorship, teaching, and leading) and vertical (peer to peer) interactions between members.
Please be aware that all HKSSM guidelines and codes of conduct apply equally to SDU

$2,800 / year (to be renewed yearly)

      Reading Assignments Due Dates        
1 The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross - Patrick Schreiner Jan 15, 2019
2 Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: It's Impossible to Be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature – Peter Scazzero
培養高EQ的靈命 – 彼得-史卡吉羅
Mar 15, 2019
3 The Emotionally Healthy Leader: How Transforming Your Inner Life Will Deeply Transform Your Church, Team, and the World – Peter Scazzero Jun 22, 2019
4 Covenant and God's Purpose for the World – Thomas Schreiner Sep 7, 2019
5 The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus – Lee Strobel
重審耶穌 - 史特博
Nov 10, 2019
Highly Recommended and Optional (No book review required):
6 45 Days Devotion on Life in the Kingdom – Edmound Teo  
7   The Color of Church: A Biblical and Practical Paradigm for Multiracial Churches - Rodney Woo
8 This Side of Heaven – Edmound Teo
  天堂的這一邊 - 張聯強 (繁體及簡體版)

This Side of Heaven $120中文版: 天堂的這一邊 $100Edmound Teo 張聯強
45 Days Devotion on Life in the Kingdom $50Edmound Teo
These two books are available for purchase at the following places:
1) ICafe On Sundays: ICA Church, 2/F, 483 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong 9:30am to 5:00pm
2) ICA Office: 1/F Workingberg Commercial Building, 41-47 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm / 1:00pm-5:30pm (Please give notice prior to your visit)
3) HKSSM: Available for HKSSM students at School starting Jan 2019